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What does the Soma filter out?

Clean water is at the heart of our mission here at Soma, both for our customers and for those around the world. Our new and improved filter is tested and certified against NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for the reduction of mercury, cadmium, and copper, and St

Are your filters compostable?

Our filters are not biodegradable or compostable, due to the presence of ion exchange resin, which is used to help reduce heavy metals such as mercury and copper. We are working on better end of life options, but in the meantime recommend reusing you

Is it normal for black water to come out of my filter?

With our new V2 filters, you may notice a little black water coming out of your reservoir during the first few fills. This is the result of carbon dust, which is a natural component of our filter. We understand that it might look alarming, but this s

Why are these black spots on my filters?

Charcol is included in all Soma filters to naturally filter the water. At times the charcol can bleed out in the packaging for the filter, the small black dots are compeltely safe and is the charcol in the filter. The filter is still safe to use and

How long unused do the filters last for?

We recommend using your filters once you receive them however the filters can last for up to four months in their packaging. We recommend using a new filter every two months.

When should I replace my filter?

Filters are good for 40 gallons of water, which we expect the typical household to drink over a 2 month period. This is about 2 full Soma Carafes per day (or about 1 Soma Pitcher/day).If you need to edit when your next filter comes, you can! Check ou

Can I buy filters in bulk?

At the moment we can only ship automatically via our Filters By Mail program. But, we do sell replacement filters at Target (in select stores and online) and on Amazon.com if you need to stock up.

Water Filter Instructions

Soak: Begin by soaking your new filter, laying it flat in cold water for 15 minutes Rinse: Rinse your filter under running water for 10 secondsInsert: Align your filter and pushing it firmly into place, then put the lid back onFill: Give your plants

My water isn't tasting as good as I hoped, what can I do?

Please make sure to properly pre-soak and rinse your new filter to wash out any carbon dust that may have accumulated from manufacturing or from being jostled around during shipping.Next, check that your filter is sitting snugly in the reservoir. You

How does the water filter subscription work?

Each purchase through our website comes with our Filters by Mail program. Since our filters are good for 40 gallons apiece (or 2 months of use for the typical household), we ship out a fresh filter right to your doorstep every 4 months.Filters (two p

How much do the filters cost?

Soma fresh filter are sold in two filters per pack at $25.99 (plus tax, if applicable, and with free shipping).However, you can pre-pay for a group of filters to save some money. When you select our Prepay and Save option at https://drinksoma.com/fil

How do I sign up to get filters in the mail?

If you just placed an order through our website, you are already enrolled! You can check on your upcoming filters under your profile at https://drinksoma.com/account/login.If you just need Filters by Mail (i.e. without a carafe or pitcher), filters f

Do you offer a give back partner for the filters?

We are excited to continue exploring options to make our filter disposale greener and more sustainable, this includes exploring giveback partners.You can stay tuned to updates by signing up to our newsletter: https://drinksoma.com

What should I do if I'm experiencing slow filtration?

Slow filtration is very likely just the result of some air getting stuck in the filter and can be resolved through simple troubleshooting:1) Soak your filter on its side in water for 15 minutes2) Give the filter a few gentle squeezes while it is soak

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