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How do I set it up my new Soma?

Get ready to enjoy your shiny new Soma! From there...

  1. Remove the lid. This can be done by putting your finger through the top trap door, putting your thumb on the outer cylinder, pinching, and pulling the lid off. 
  2. Take out the filter bag and filter from the inside of the reservoir. 
  3. Before using your Soma, soak your filter for 15 minutes, rinse it through 2-3 times with fresh water, and insert it into the bottom of the reservoir basin. 
  4. Snap the filter into the reservoir. Don't be shy--put it in there nice and snug. The filter will snap underneath a "lip" which is on the side wall of the reservoir. 
  5. You then can put the lid back on, and use the trap door on the top of the lid to fill the reservoir with water. 

Drink and enjoy!

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